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Not Seeing What You're Looking For? Custom Order Your Nissan Today!

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The Ultimate Convenience: Unleashing the Power of the MyNissan App

The Ultimate Convenience: Unleashing the Power of the MyNissan App

The MyNISSAN app is a fantastic link between Nissan Connect, you, and your vehicle. This app, which works in conjunction with Nissan Connect, is designed by professionals to make your driving experience more rewarding. It has many features for added convenience and to improve your ownership experience.


Let’s have a look at the features of this app.


Connectivity and Subscription

This app is designed to work on any smartphone, both Apple and Android, but it’s not part of the CarPlay or Android Auto suite. It’s a stand-alone app produced by Nissan for drivers of Nissan vehicles. It provides remote access to the Nissan Connect service, so it works on top of the Nissan Connect service. 


Vehicles in the Nissan stable are eligible for a trial period for Nissan Connect Services, but the trial period varies by model and model year, so you must contact Alta Nissan’s Customer Care staff to find out what length of time you will be able to trial this software. Owners of electric vehicles also use Nissan Connect services and receive extra information that pertains purely to EVs and their components.


When your trial expires, the current subscription fees in Canada are as follows. These subscription amounts will vary with time.


Monthly FeeContainsSecurity$12.99

Services such as:


  • automatic collision notification service
  • stolen vehicle locator
  • alarm notifications
  • emergency roadside assistance
  • maintenance reminders
  • real-time vehicle diagnostics.



Services to operate the vehicle remotely, such as:


  • operate vehicle functions remotely
  • stop and start the engine
  • unlock and lock the car’s doors
  • get real-time vehicle updates


Premium$19.99Includes all of the Security and Convenience products.


Features Available Through the MyNISSAN App


There are several features available through the Nissan Connect software, which are also available on your smartphone. 




This is one of the most important components of this software. In the event of an accident or other roadside incident, the MyNissan app will attempt to contact you, and if there is no response, it will contact first responders and alert them to the location of your accident. There is also an SOS button, allowing you to call for assistance even though you’ve not triggered an accident alert. Other roadside assistance will be to arrange a tow vehicle for your car. Your registered emergency contacts will also be alerted.




The convenience package features items that make interacting with your Nissan, gas-powered or electric, simple and convenient. The range of features that will work depends on the model, trim, and year of your vehicle. The available features are things such as remote lock and unlock remote engine start, and remote access to climate control.




The app allows the driver full access to the vehicle’s maintenance history. As the driver, you’ll be notified of recalls and any other vehicle notices that pertain to your model and trim. You’ll be able to access its service history and schedule a service when one is due. Other features include warranty information and a vehicle health report.




In this section, owners get all the information and manuals about their vehicles. This is the section where owners set up their vehicles using the VIN, get all their user manuals, set up and manage profiles, set up subscriptions, and manage other data about the ownership of the vehicle. It also allows for data to be scrubbed on the sale of the vehicle.




These are sent to you when any of the zones you’ve set are breached. These zones are set when, for example, you leave your vehicle to be valeted. If the vehicle is moved beyond a set zone, an alert will sound, and you’ll be advised that the car is now outside the zone you prescribed. Similar settings can be done for speed exceptions and time (curfew) exceptions and assist with tracking a stolen vehicle.


Customer Support


For any questions you may have regarding your Nissan, the customer support representatives are ready to assist.


Ride the Connectivity Wave with MyNISSAN and Nissan Connect.

Owners of Nissan vehicles have a world of connected convenience at their fingertips when they use the MyNISSAN app in conjunction with Nissan Connect. This brings all the functionality of Nissan Connect out of the car and into your smartphone, so it's always close at hand. To see how this fantastic app works, come in and have a chat with Alta Nissan’s friendly staff.

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