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Nissan Tire and Wheel Centre In Woodbridge, Ontario

Alta Nissan Woodbridge is the number one Nissan dealership in Woodbridge, Ontario. Our authorized Nissan dealership has been part of the Woodbridge, Ontario community for many years. Automotive consumers from Woodbridge, Vaughan, Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto, and Etobicoke, rely on us for all their automotive and Nissan needs, including tires and wheels.

Our Nissan Tire and Wheel Center in Woodbridge, Ontario, is inventoried to serve new Nissan models, pre-owned Nissan vehicles, and other make and model vehicles. So you don't have to worry whether you will get what you want or not. Schedule a service appointment online today and get your best-recommended tires and wheels today.

Winter Tires Vs Summer Tires

The difference between winter and summer tires are the rubber compound used to construct them. Winter tires consist of a thicker rubber that adapts to colder temperatures and can provide superior traction during snow and ice conditions. But the use of winter tires during summer and fall months where we see warmer climates cause the tires to wear rapidly. By swapping winter tires for all-season or summer tires and vice versa, you can better control your drives and save your tires for their appropriate use.

Alta Nissan Woodbridge Tire and Wheel Centre is always available to help you find the best priced and suited tires for your vehicle. And while you're here, don't forget to check out our service and parts promotions for more great savings!

Tire services in Woodbridge, Ontario

Do You Know When Your Tires Need To Be Changed?

A flat tire can cause a lot of frustration, especially when you were not prepared for it. That's why it is crucial to visually inspect your tires regularly before they mess up your journey. If you think your tires may be defective or you notice irregularities in your drive, contact our Tire and Wheel Centre today. Below are some tell-tale signs you may need tire service or a new set of tires:


Weathering is one of the most common signs of a tire that needs to be changed. Since rubber is a natural element, it is bound to wear out over time. You should frequently check your tires for cracks between the tread blocks and in the sidewall.


Bulging happens typically after a significant impact with a pothole. However, it can also be caused by manufacturer defects. Bulging occurs when air enters between the inner liner and the outer layers - forming air pockets. If you notice bulging, visit our Service Centre for immediate tire service in Woodbridge, Ontario.


Vibrations may be a sign there is an issue with your tires. A primary contributor to vibrations you feel when driving is when the inner codes of the tire shift or separate. This is an issue that you can't see with the naked eye. Schedule a service appointment today or visit our Nissan service centre for more details.

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