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Not Seeing What You're Looking For? Custom Order Your Nissan Today!

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30-Day Return Policy

Everything you need to know about our 30-Day Return Policy

If you aren't completely satisfied with your purchase, return it for a full refund Excluding your licensing fees! There are absolutely no 'restocking' or 'administration' fees at all!

NO SMALL PRINT! However, there are a few reasonable conditions:

  1. You must return the vehicle to Alta Nissan Woodbridge within 30 days of delivery with no more than 500 km driven (as stated on the bill of sale) since you purchased the vehicle.
  2. Vehicle must be returned in the same condition with the exact same equipment it was delivered with. Tires and all accessories must be the tires and accessories that you purchased with the vehicle, and the vehicle (including, among other things, the body and any components) should not have any scratches, dings, or damage that did not exist at the time you purchased the vehicle.
  3. A refund cheque will be issued within 30 business days of the date of return.
  4. If you traded-in your old vehicle against a purchase, the trade-in may or may not be returned to you at our discretion, as we may very well have sold it to another customer! But don't worry, you will still be refunded the value we agreed upon with you on your bill of sale. However, if the trade-in is available and returned to you, you will need to have it certified and re-licensed at your own expense.
  5. All returns and cancellations that required additional ACCESSORIES to be installed will result in a 25% cancellation fee (Example: rust proofing, paint, fabric, accessories, etc.).

A few reasonable EXCLUSIONS of when the refund policy is not applicable:

  1. Specialty/sports cars do not qualify for a refund
  2. Negative equity deals being financed will not be eligible for a refund
  3. Our above prime finance deals are not eligible for a refund

Lastly, we reserve the right to refuse any returns if we reasonably believe that our return policy is being abused.

Questions about our 30-Day Return Policy?

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