Not Seeing What You're Looking For? Custom Order Your Nissan Today!

Not Seeing What You're Looking For? Custom Order Your Nissan Today!

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Nissan Owners

Nissan Owners

Become a Nissan Owner in Woodbridge, Ontario

Buying a Nissan gets you far more than a quality vehicle. In addition to some of the most attractive and compelling models on the market, Nissan offers its faithful numerous perks and ownership benefits to make every ride memorable. Alta Nissan is excited to introduce some of the many perks to owning a Nissan to customers in Woodbridge, Ontario and the nearby areas of Toronto, Mississauga, Vaughan, Etobicoke, and Brampton. Find out what Nissan has to offer below before heading to our dealership for a look at our star-studded New Inventory.

Nissan Vehicles for Sale

Naturally, the perks of becoming a member of the Nissan owners' community begin with driving a Nissan. The Japanese automotive giant is responsible for some of the most popular vehicles on the market, and we're proud to feature them on our lot. Whether you prefer the coziness and efficiency of a sedan or the comfort and ergonomics of an SUV, Nissan has something for everyone.

At Alta Nissan, we provide customers with some of the longest-running, most beloved sedans out there in the Altima and Sentra. As for crossovers and SUVs, our lineup runs the gamut, from the compact, city-slicking Nissan Kicks to the refined, mid-size Murano. No matter which Nissan offering you choose, you'll be treated to extensive tech and safety suites, a composed ride, and all the creature comforts you'd expect of a modern motor. For more on our vast and varied Nissan inventory, get in touch with our dealership or visit us at your convenience.


The NissanConnect system sets a whole new standard for in-car technology. Thanks to an in-dash configuration, you can use your Nissan's entertainment, security, and navigation technologies on one display without having to take your eyes off the road ahead. NissanConnect not only keeps your infotainment features within arm's reach, it can also be activated through voice command to minimize the potential for distraction. Whether you need directions to an unfamiliar destination or want to tune your SiriusXM radio, NissanConnect ensures that your every need can be met in just a few touches of your screen.

Nissan Navigation Map Updates

With Nissan navigation map updates, you can keep your vehicle's navigation system up to date, and yourself attuned to any changes that have occurred around you. By ordering a map update for your Nissan model online, you'll fill yourself in on any changes related to roads, speed limits, restaurants, ATMs, and gas stations. If you love taking road trips and venturing into new territory, these updates will prove invaluable and help you turn every excursion into a stress-free, memorable experience. Contact us today for details on how to update your Nissan's navigation software.

Manuals, Guides, & Recommended Maintenance Schedules

Members of the Nissan owners' community can obtain easy access to their respective owner's manuals and recommended maintenance schedules online. These tools can help you better understand how your vehicle operates and how often you need to bring it to our service centre for some TLC. By entering your vehicle model and year in Nissan's online owners' hub, you can gain a better understanding of how you can tend to your vehicle and ensure that you'll enjoy it for the long haul.

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For more information on the perks and benefits of the Nissan owners' community, drop us a line at Alta Nissan at your leisure, and one of our staff will gladly fill you in.