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Nissan Unveils All-Electric, High-Performance Nissan Hyper Force Concept at Japan Mobility Show

Nissan Unveils All-Electric, High-Performance Nissan Hyper Force Concept at Japan Mobility Show

As Nissan takes centre stage at the Japan Mobility Show to unveil the Nissan Hyper Force Concept, prepare to be amazed. This extraordinary all-electric performance car pushes the boundaries of automotive technology. With its groundbreaking features and futuristic design, the Hyper Force Concept sets a new benchmark for electric performance vehicles, revolutionizing how we perceive electric cars.


Remarkable Display


A remarkable display awaits visitors at the Nissan booth during the Japan Mobility Show, offering a glimpse into the company's comprehensive approach to mobility and energy solutions. With a keen eye on the future, Nissan presents a lineup of EV concepts that cater to customers' evolving needs and lifestyles worldwide. Among these game-changing concepts, the pièce de résistance is undeniably the Nissan Hyper Force, a mighty and fully electric marvel that pushes the boundaries of performance and innovation.


This innovative idea's core is an advanced powertrain that runs entirely on electricity, making it highly efficient and environmentally friendly. This cutting-edge powertrain is supported by a state-of-the-art all-solid-state battery, which offers significant advantages over traditional batteries in terms of performance and durability.



One of the key highlights of this concept is its impressive output potential of up to 1,000 kW. This means it can deliver incredible power, allowing for lightning-fast acceleration and precise power delivery. Whether you need a burst of speed on the race track or instant acceleration on the open road, this electric vehicle has you covered.


To ensure an even more exhilarating driving experience, Nissan has incorporated advanced technologies into this concept. One such technology is powerful downforce, which helps to keep the vehicle stable and planted to the ground, enhancing its performance and handling at high speeds.


The e-4ORCE all-wheel control system has also been implemented to optimize traction and stability. This system intelligently distributes power to each wheel, maximizing grip and control in various driving conditions. Whether tackling slick roads or taking on sharp turns, this system ensures that the vehicle stays firmly in control.


Furthermore, the concept features a lightweight yet robust carbon body. This combination of materials provides exceptional strength and rigidity, allowing the vehicle to handle corners easily and precisely. The lightweight nature of the carbon body also contributes to improved acceleration and overall performance.


Whether tearing up the race track or navigating twisting roads, this concept promises unparalleled handling and cornering capabilities. With its high-powered electric drivetrain, cutting-edge battery technology, advanced control systems, and lightweight construction, this vehicle offers a one-of-a-kind driving experience that seamlessly blends speed, power, and control.


Nissan's all-electric Hyper Force Concept embodies futuristic design and high-performance capabilities, marrying sleek curves with bold geometry. The front and rear lamps, accented with unique flourishes, pay tribute to Nissan's legacy of powerful cars.


Explore the thrill of racing or indulge in the serenity of grand touring with the Nissan all-electric Hyper Force Concept. This innovative concept features two driving modes, "R" and "GT," which seamlessly transform the graphical user interface to provide drivers with the most relevant and crucial information based on their chosen driving circumstances.




Experience ultimate comfort and support during long drives with the Nissan Hyper Force Concept's carbon fibre seats. Designed with lightweight yet robust materials, these seats offer a perfect balance of comfort and durability. Including four-point seat belts enhances safety, providing the driver and front passenger peace of mind.


The Nissan Hyper Force Concept surpasses safety expectations with its state-of-the-art features. Through an advanced autonomous drive system, hyper LIDAR technology, and an array of sports driving sensors, this concept car is meticulously designed to prioritize safety, delivering high protection on public roads and on the racetrack.


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The Nissan Hyper Force Concept is a testament to Nissan's relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence. Its exceptional performance, breathtaking design, and advanced technologies make it a game-changer in electric vehicles. With the Hyper Force Concept, Nissan proves that high performance and sustainability can go hand in hand, setting the stage for a future where electric cars dominate the roads.

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