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Modern AC systems are comprised of multiple individual components that convert warm air inside the cabin to cool and refreshing air. However, there are times when the air that blows into the cabin is not as refreshing, cool, or clean as it should be. Although there are several reasons that lead to poor air conditioning performance, one of the most overlooked problems are due to clogged or dirty evaporator coils and other obstructions inside the evaporator drain tube.

When moisture is contained within any item, the introduction of heat as well as oxygen, allows microscopic organisms that thrive in a moist environment the opportunity for growing into mold and harmful bacteria. The bacteria attach to the inner metallic parts of the evaporator and can restrict its constant flow of refrigerant and liquids. When this happens, traces of bacteria or debris break off the coils and can become trapped inside the evaporator drain tube, which in most cases, has a 90-degree angle. If this happens to you, not only does the evaporator drain tube needs to be cleaned, the evaporator will need to be as well. Increased amounts of moisture may also produce bacteria harmful to those with allergies.



is a foam specially formulated to quickly clean and removes odor-producing bacteria and build up on the surface of the evaporator core and within the housing of the HVAC system.


Outstanding Features:

  • Removes buildup of harmful contaminants from inside the surface of the evaporator core.
  • Can improve air flow, which can increase the overall efficiency of the air-conditioning system.
  • Patented process for quickly and effectively removing built-up contaminants.
  • Can help alleviate allergic reactions by removing allergens from the system.
  • Maintains the overall cleanliness of air the passengers within the vehicle may breathe.

Doing these services are highly important to maintaining your and your vehicle's health. Our Team members are highly trained, friendly and here to answer any questions you have. Our dealership is located right in the heart of Woodbridge at Highway 7 and Martin Grove Rd. Do not wait to book your appointment here at Alta Nissan Woodbridge.